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One of the key highlights of our school is the ongoing partnership we have established with Social Ventures Australia and the opportunities of connecting with schools in other states and the corporate world. The knowledge and the expertise provided from the various organisations have contributed to the teaching and learning programs in our school to help prepare students for the future.

A second key highlight for our school is the involvement of Atlassian and the Museum of Contemporary Arts in our school’s program. Students have the opportunity of simulating the process of applying for a position in the two organisations, attending an interview and working. This simulation allows students to apply the knowledge and skills learnt at school in an authentic work environment.

logo of Atlassian

Merrylands East Public School meets Atlassian


Merrylands East Public School (MEPS),  is seen as a leader in school transformation, innovation and the use of technology to support students learning in a caring and supportive school environment where students can learn anytime, anywhere and with anyone.


On 28 October, MEPS visited Atlassian to provide their students with a hands on experience of life at technology company. The students went through a recruitment process (where they all got the job), inducted into Atlassian and then were put to task to solve a big tech problem using software.

logo of Museum of Contemporary Arts

MEPS meets Museum of Contemporary


Students from Merrylands East had the opportunity to spend a week at the Museum of Contemporary Arts as part of their Educational Program.